Long term goals

I'm drinking beer late on Friday night when I start thinking about what I'd like to do in the near future. This leads to three ideas, off the top of my head.

1. Attend SXSW next year. I have no excuse not to go if I plan this far ahead. The more I read about it, the more I'm convinced South by Southwest is like a Mardi Gras for the Internet that somehow magically transforms to Coachella with barbecue instead of a massive hangover on Ash Wednesday. Bonnaroo has smelly hippies and Tool, while SXSW has giftbags by David Byrne and hand-stitched requests to not sniff coke. I think SXSW is by far the better festival to save up for. Plus, everybody needs an excuse to go to Austin.

2. Play a gig with Walking Into Cars sometime in May. We're still trying to find a suitable replacement for our whiny, overly serious, and immature lead singer, who, despite our best efforts, drug us toward sucking at every possible opportunity due to the sheer force of his terrible, arbitrary, and capricious taste in music. I think we can make something happen now that he's not around to fight us on everything, and a friend of mine wants to jam with us. He's a good entertainer, and I play with him sometimes at open mics and such. You can actually watch Phillip at one of my favorite bars here, although the sound quality isn't that great.

3. I've been interested in HTML since high school, but lately I've gotten into web development thanks to Microsoft's Beginning Developer Learning Center. There's a big difference between making a good looking static Web page and making even a simple dynamic page (this blog is dynamic but Blogger does all the heavy lifting) and I see money to be made if I can acquire the skillset to make a Flickr or a Digg.

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