Blogs do not write themselves

Or do they?

A bit of background: I actually started this blog as part of a project on blogging I did for my Mass Communication class. I'm currently in college, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Media Technologies. Damned if I know what Media Technologies is, but the course sequence lets me play with radio, television, theatre, interactive media, and print design, which is just the thing for a multimedia artist. Anyway, one of the key points of the presentation was establishing that if you could type, you could blog. Its that simple. To prove my point I took an afternoon, made a Blogger account, and wrote some posts. I took a template, modified it in a quick and dirty fashion to make it suit my needs, and had a pretty slick blog before dinner. I could finally subject the reader to my verbose profundity. Or they could say I was a wordy jackass. Whatever. They could read what I wrote, and that was the main point.

"But John, " you say, "you're a nerd. You know a bunch of stuff about the Internet and didn't lose your virginity until you were 20. You still play 8 bit Nintendo for fuck's sake. What if the rest of us want to say something?"

Well, for those of you who don't want to write 500 words every day or tweak arcane DHTML, there's Tumblr. Lifehacker covers how to use Tumblr pretty well, so I'll just hit the high points. Basically, its blogging stripped down to its absolute core. You can post a picture, a video, a quote, a conversation, or a link. So if you have something to share you can put it up for the world to view, whether its a neat new site or a funny clip from the YouTubes. Pretty cool.

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