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I'm a big fan of Copyranter, because the guy's spot on and his color commentary about advertising is hilarious. One of the most entertaining things he talks about is the ads for True, a dating site that like to sell itself with bikini girls and upskirt shots. Real classy outfit, that True.

So, anyway, I go to log into MySpace because my email keeps pestering me that 4 new people want to be my friend. Who doesn't like new friends?

True 1

This is what greets me as I sign in to MySpace. Hey, some cute girls like me. I'm seeing someone right now, but who doesn't want to meet some more cute girls? (Platonically. I really like my current girlfriend.)

True 2

Here's the first one. Her name is Monique, and she's in a bikini. She wants me to go to her website to see her naked. This is, of course, total spam. Moving on . . .

True 3

This is Gloria. She has a picture of her ass in what appears to be some sort of lacy ass-enhancing contraption. She wants me to go to her site, where I can see her naked. Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam, marvelous spam . . .

True 4

This is Lynette. She's nude, somewhere, and I'm supposed to visit her boob emporium for a glimpse of her girly parts arranged in enticing positions for my boner. Yep, more spam.

At this point I am mildly pissed. It would be one thing if I was getting spammed with actual nudity, but this is just annoying. I want to know who is behind all of this. So, I take three completely different profiles, with nothing tying them together except the fact that they're spam for porn sites, and I click on them to see what kind of browser-destroying monstrosity they unleash.

True 5

All three, after a redirect, take me to the exact same signup page. Not for a porn site, but for our friends at True.

Good job guys! Not only are you unleashing a (not completely unwelcome) breast assault on me when I go look for new bands to listen to, but you're making fake profiles on MySpace to hawk your dating site. What's sad is that each of these "girls" has at least ten friends. Some poor delusional dude from Michigan was actually hitting on Monique in the comments, which just goes to show the power of boners in obliterating all reason whatsoever from the male brain.

I mentioned this all to Copyranter, and I hope I can hear his take on it. It'll be funny. In the meantime. I'm adding him to my links sidebar.

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