Back In Black

Or red, as the case may be. More on that in a bit. Hi folks.

My first bit of news is that Walking Into Cars is going pretty smashingly. We had our first show Tuesday night and a lot of people came out. They all had positive things to say, too. Phillip has joined up permanently, and we've been asked to appear on Local Acoustic Quirks, a podcast produced by Ben Wilson. Ben himself is a pretty prolific songwriter and an all around good guy, and if you get a chance listen to "Naked" on his MySpace. It reminds me of Revolver era Beatles with a twinge of country and western in the verses. Good Stuff!

My second bit of news is that my broke ass needs a steady-paying gig. I've been a bit of a bum this past semester, because between freelancing, my mad eBay hustle, and mortgaging my future vis-a-vis student loans I've managed pretty well. However, I want to take some time off and get some real world experience (not to mention some real world pay) in Web 2.0, as I've been chomping at the bit to apply what I've been feverishly following in my spare time. I spent most of last semester either explaining networked communication (my pet term for Web 2.0) to my professors or (more often) sitting there wishing I could catch up on my RSS feeds while we go over material that seems like it was written in 1993. For all the bitching I hear from various corners about how Big Business doesn't get this whole Web thing, I notice nobody seems to mention how hard of a time universities are having keeping up with it. It's driving me crazy, and I want to pull a Bill Gates or Michael Dell and just do it my damn self.

But I don't have the capital. At this point just paying the bills is a struggle. Anybody out there want to hire an Internet geek? I'll boggle your mind and double your business, or failing that I'll at least make you look cool. Please?

Oh well. Moving onward . . .

My last post of substance had to do with inexplicable and annoying MySpace spam. We've all seen it, and we all hate it. Well, I got an interesting comment on that article by a certain melinda5610ml, whose Blogger profile just happens to be hidden. I wonder why?

She says:

Wonderful photos! I suggest you to check out here. My friend told me he found his love on this site and there are many lovely girls.

So, in summation, a post bitching about spam gets spammed. Oh well. I guess I'm doing OK if I stir up enough traffic to generate spam. :-)

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Solar air conditioning

I've been a bit busy lately, but this is so cool that I have to mention it. There's a company in Plano, TX making solar-powered heating and cooling units.

Why is this awesome? Well, heating and air conditioning are energy hogs. About half of your energy bills go to climate control, so a solar-powered, self contained unit that can heat and cool could conceivably do things such as, I dunno, end global warming and dependance on foreign oil. It also makes having an off-the-grid house more realistic in my neck of the woods, where air conditioning is mandatory several months out of the year.

In conclusion, I want one really bad. I guess I'll have to put it in the wish list. Does Amazon sell air conditioners?

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