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Ten minutes after bitching about how I need a job I stumble across Emma, a wonderful Web 2.0-centered email marketing firm in Nashville, not more than a 45 minute drive from where I live. I wrote them a fawning letter saying that I didn't care if I was mopping the floors as long as I was mopping their floors. They are that cool.

I was almost slackjawed when I read their site. I didn't think anything like that was happening in Nashville. I thought Web 2.0 was something Google handed down from Mountain View, and my job was to sit there like I was Wayne Campbell in front of Madonna and chant "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" as I bowed before its awesomeness.

They also asked, in their job application, if I had a blog or online profile, so I gave them this URL to check out. If you're reading this, hi guys. Your company rocks, and I stand by my floor mopping statement. Poke around a bit. I usually just talk about music, but I hit quite a few other topics as well. I'd also like to give props to Seth Godin, whose blog mentioned Emma some time ago, and whose post just happened to be in my feed reader when I was cleaning it out.

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